Avahara - A Short Introduction

Avahara is an avid yogi and enjoys practicing many different styles, including vinyasa flow, ashtanga, therapeutic, restorative, and yin yoga. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, where nature is abundant and close. The sound, scent, and feel of the ocean and the forested hills are woven into his music.

Avahara is a multi-instrumentalist. While he loves hardware synthesizers, like his Waldorf Microwave XT II (brightest orange paint ever conceived) and Roland Jupiter 4 (yes, an original, with wood panels, it's like a piece of furniture), he primarily uses Native Instruments' software synthesizers, running on the laptop. For his style of music, it takes a lot of care to build the right sounds, and a given "sound" will typically be 4-8 synthesizer engines stacked together.

[Jupiter 4 opened up]

"Playing keyboards live in this style is an interesting physical challenge, as keeping the mood and vibe right often requires long holds and stretches. Having big hands is an advantage here - octave and a third when I need it..."


Avahara loves effects processors, especially the Eventide Eclipse. Many of the parts on Angels In The Atmosphere, for instance, are guitar parts running through a multitude of effects so that they become part of the texture of the overall track.

In addition to yoga, Avahara is also an avid trail runner, Avahara can be found on the many amazing paths in the hills. This photo was from 7:15am at Inspiration Point (coming up the Jesusita Trail side).