Avahara at One Yoga Minneapolis
Travel set-up at One Yoga, Minneapolis.
April 2013

Music for Meditation

Are you looking for music for your meditation practice? Have a listen to Slow Wave Journey. If you like, you can download a free track "Deep Space" that is also great for meditation by following the link below the video.

Download your free copy of Deep Space by right clicking (or, Ctrl+Clicking on a Mac laptop) here, and choosing Download / Save As..".

About the artist: Hi, I'm Avahara. Like yourself, I have a meditation practice. And, probably like you, I don't get that much time to do it, so when I do, I want as much benefit as possible from that 10 or 15 minute window. The right music is great for helping let go of the outside world (car doors slamming, the neighbor's air conditioner, the TV in the other room, or what have you). The body can help you move into a good meditative space as well by responding to the memories it associates with the music. Slow Wave Journey and Angels In The Atmosphere were made with meditation and yoga in mind, by someone who does both.

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Meditating at White Lotus

Meditating before class with Renee and Maya, White Lotus September 2013.