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Sleep. For all that is known about sleep scientifically, precious little is really understood about dreaming. And even though knowledge of the mechanics of sleeping has gotten better, it can still be incredibly difficult to get a good night's sleep. For some people this can be strictly temporary, usually due to an overwhelm of stress. For others, it's a lifelong struggle.

Much of the research on sleep has focused on how to get the mind and the body to change their state. To change the breath. To change the levels of the body's natural chemicals in the bloodstream. To calm the mind. To train the mind and body to release and let go when getting in bed at night. Likewise, there has been much focus on changing the environment, making sure the five senses are able to relax.

The right music can help with both. Music that is meant to calm the mind and body can affect the breathing, and once that happens, the rest of the body follows. Likewise, a safe and nurturing sound environment can both block out unwanted outside sound and produce feelings of safety and peace.

Slow Wave Journey was released in April of 2012 and since then I have received much feedback from people who bought the album after seeing me play live at a yoga workshop only to discover that it is the perfect sleep companion. For myself, the title track does something unique to my cranial-sacral rhythms - I can literally feel the pulse that goes up the back of my neck change. Laying down quickly becomes a must!

More recently I heard a beautiful story about a 4 year old girl who must listen to Angels In The Atmosphere every night before going to bed. She calls it "her angel music"!

The intention of the artist is paramount in creating the resulting effect of a piece of music. Mine is quite simply to help accompany people to places of deep relaxation and healing, because that is so needed in our fast paced world. I spend a great deal of time constructing the waveform blends and I am always drawn towards combinations of lower tones that slowly evolve and touch deep in through the skin down to the bones. Although I prefer to *not* think about the science of things when creating music, I believe there must be some good correlation between these slow moving deep tones and the graceful encouragement of relaxation in the body.

If you have occasional trouble sleeping, or if you suffer from insomnia, you have my deepest compassion. I hope that my music may bring you some measure of peace and a deeper dream time.

- Avahara

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