Slow Wave Journey Album Cover Small
Released April 2012

Slow Wave Journey

Slow Wave Journey is "music that is there yet not there". The music comes from the place of gentle healing whispers, the notes move in the same way that clouds move, gently repainting the picture of the sky for you. From the peaceful invitation of Clarion Call, to the Brian Eno inspired Deep Space, to the 30-minute Slow Wave Journey, this album is your guide into deeper states of consciousness.

Slow Wave Journey is a delight for the is deeply relaxing ambient music and I find it somehow lush and spare/spacious simultaneously. - Heartspace

I love this music. It is peaceful, beautiful, and restorative. - Marie G.

Great music for any relaxation situation. Perfect for a gentle or slow yoga class or for meditation. It flows softly without being intrusive and yet is exquisite in the musical details. Beautiful and subtle at the same time. A must for any meditation or yoga teacher! - Nancy A.

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Avahara_setup_for_workshop Slow Wave Journey was composed in and inspired by Cheri Clampett's Therapeutic Yoga and Yin Yoga Workshops, which I began playing live for in 2010. The workshops are 2.5 hours long and for the most part postures are held for several minutes. This presents a unique opportunity in that I can see in real-time how the notes I play and how I adjust the way the synthesizers generate the sound, affects people's bodies and their breathing patterns. It's a privilege to accompany the experience and to hold a sacred space.

By "sacred space" I mean that, anytime someone is going through a transformation of consciousness, even if it's simply de-stressing the body and mind, the energy and intention of the people around them is of utmost importance. As a facilitator, holding the moment as sacred is a way of honoring others. Slow Wave Journey was born out of these workshops, coming more from a place of shaman consciousness rather than musician consciousness. So you could say that this album was inspired as much by Carlos Castaneda as by Brian Eno.

The album was released in April of 2012 and since that time I have gotten some incredible feedback on it. For instance, I recently heard from a fellow who needed a fairly extensive cancer removal operation - he has been listening to the album during his recovery. Stories like that are the most incredible feeling. And also to hear from yoga teachers for whom this album has become part of their regular lexicon for playing in classes and private sessions.

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